Within walking distance, the location of the fiction 'Commissario Montalbano'


In the nearby of the Ristorante Acquamarina there are many interesting places to visit. Th restaurant is a starting point for many out of town excursions: Scicli, Modica, Ragusa, which are all important UNESCO sites, easy to reach. The town of Scicli, and specifically the hamlet of Donnalucata, where the restaurant is located, is a fishers’ borough, other than one of the most frequented beaches of the coast. The town of Scicli is the location of the RAI fiction “Il Commissario Montalbano”.

But, let’s go more specific…

Scicli is an Italian Common which counts 27 thousands of inhabitants, and it is located in the Ragusa province, in Sicily. It is a baroque city, rich in monuments, especially in the city historical center, which is very famous because it has been marked as a part of the Humankind Heritage from UNESCO. Those who visit this location, which also the location of the RAI fiction “Il Commissario Montalbano”, will also be able to visit he sea and the famous “tavolato ibleo”, enjoying the numerous faces of the territory. From the sandy or chalky beaches, to the slopes of the outback rich in fruit trees, Scicli is capable to offer a lot to the lovers of landscapes, antiquity and good cuisine. In this location are also present some pre-Cristian archeological sites, dating back the Bronze Age and not only.

The seabord

lThe Scicli territory owns the most extended coast among all the Commons of the Ragusa province. It is a densely inhabited zone, with numerous intensive and extensive cultivations, but also rich in more untouched and savage areas. The sandy bays and the rocks’ ones alternates in a suggestive landscape, surrounded by the blue sea that skims the numerous tiny hidden beaches. Donnalucata is the most ancient hamlet of Scicli, important holiday location for the tourists who desire to visit this splendid town.

Scicli and the economy

The Scicli economy is based almost only on intensive agriculture and production of primaticci. This is an important detail actually: it means that the local restaurants, such as the Acquamarina Restaurant, are able to find immediately the raw ingredients. 

Scicli is one of the location in the Ragusa province, included in the shootings of the TV series produced by RAI “Il Commissario Montalbano”, coming from the Andrea Camilleri novels. Particularly, the police station palace of Vigata, actually is the municipal hall of Scicli and the room of the police commissioner Luca Bonetti Alderighi is the office of the Scicly Mayor.